Como tratar a azia

If you want to know how to relieve the symptoms of heartburn, here are some simple tips and realize that this is a symptom that causes reflux of gastric juice to the esophagus and this usually happens when the contents of the stomach is very acidic, this happens when you have gastritis and also still when there is a problem in the valve that controls the passage of food from the esophagus to the stomach (cardia). Thus, this valve causes the gastric contents to return to the stomach.

Among the habits that favor the onset of heartburn we can cite excessive use of alcohol, medicines, seasoning too strong or too acid. Another cause may be a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori). This should be identified and treated quickly as it can trigger stomach cancer.

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How to relieve heartburn by adjusting food

To decrease heartburn you should prefer to eat in small portions at 3 hour intervals. Thus, besides helping in the fight against gastritis still favors the slimming. Chew the food well, eat calmly.
Avoid eating with industrialized foods and fast foods, as this type of food is the most common cause of gastritis and is generally quite consumed by children and adults. Exaggerated consumption of coffee and alcohol can also trigger the problem.

Relieve heartburn with bread or crackers
This is a good home-cooked alternative to improve burning. It is not a definitive cure, but it is worth it for a quick relief and is better than ingesting medications, as these can bring side effects. So, eat a small slice of dry bread or a piece of water and salt wafer.
However, these alternatives only momentarily relieve the symptoms of heartburn, which can always come back and bother every meal. Ideally, you should look for a solution that will definitely solve the problem.
How to improve heartburn by drinking tea

Take chamomile tea for relief from the symptoms of heartburn. Tea consumption decreases the enzyme ALR2 and sorbitol.
How To Make Tea:
1 cup of chamomile leaves (dry)
½ liter of boiled water
Blend for 15 minutes the chamomile leaves in the boiled water and, after mixing, strain and drink
You can have tea daily.
If you do not find the dried leaves you can make tea in a sachet.
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